Gut Intelligence™ Test

Personalized nutrition for better digestive and gut health support

Our Gut Intelligence™ Test is our foundational test for those who want to monitor and address gut imbalances or health symptoms related to poor gut health.

  • Gut Intelligence™ Test

    Integrated Health Scores

    • Gut HealthGut Health

    Functional Scores

    These scores describe both beneficial and harmful biological functions. They are made by combining pathway activities and are used to form your Health Scores.

    • Inflammatory Activity

    • Metabolic Fitness

    • Digestive Efficiency

    • Gut Lining Health

    • Protein Fermentation

    • Gas Production

    • Gut Active Microbial Diversity

    • Microbiome-induced Stress

    Pathway Activities

    Pathway activities describe biochemical reactions that produce beneficial or harmful molecules.

    • Butyrate Production Pathways

    • LPS Biosynthesis Pathways

    • Methane Gas Production

    • Sulfide Gas Production

    • Ammonia Production Pathways

    • Flagellar Assembly Pathways

    • Putrescine Production Pathways

    • Oxalate Metabolism Pathways

    • Uric Acid Production Pathways

    • Salt Stress Pathways

    • Biofilm, Chemotaxis, and Virulence Pathways

    • Bile Acid Metabolism Pathways

    • TMA Production Pathways

    that break down your gut health
  • Know which “healthy” foods may actually be harmful to your gut right now
  • Understand what supplements are needed to address your gut health
  • Specific recommendations for probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers
  • How to feed and promote the good activity in your gut
  • Optimize your unique glycemic response to food
  • Address activities contributing to inflammation

Sample Collection


Gut Health Scores


Results Time

Within 2-3 weeks

What’s included:

Your Gut Health Insights

This test helps you understand more about your gut microbiome and the impact it has on your overall health. We hone in on the unique activity inside of you, translating millions of data points from your gut into over 20 gut health scores that form the foundation of your recommendations. Our unique sequencing technology allows us to see things in your gut such as inflammatory activity, if you're having trouble breaking down certain foods, if opportunistic microbes are causing problems, if your microbes are impacting your blood sugar response, and much more. Your recommendations target the areas of your gut health that need specific nutrients to support and that may be the root cause of symptoms such as GI issues, occasional gas and bloating, irregular bowel movements, skin irritation, hormone imbalances, trouble sleeping, trouble losing weight, and other symptoms associated with poor gut health.  By taking this test, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your gut health and the steps you can take to improve it.

See all Gut Intelligence Scores

Your Food Recommendations

Your customized food list of over 400 foods is sorted into four categories for Avoid, Minimize, Enjoy, and Superfood status.

  • Enhance nutrient uptake for maximum nutrient absorption

  • Stimulate beneficial gut microbes to increase vitamin and butyrate production

  • Inhibit the activity of harmful gut bacteria and reduce the risk of toxic byproducts like LPS, TMA, gas, and biofilm

  • Reinforce the gut lining to minimize the risk of "leaky gut" and improve digestive health

  • Address the underlying factors contributing to inflammation

  • Personalize your dietary approach to optimize blood sugar levels and minimize food-related inflammation

  • Support oral health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath, balancing oral pH, and addressing inflammatory activity in your mouth

  • Slow biological aging by addressing activities contributing to inflammation throughout your body

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Your Supplement Recommendations

Your carefully curated selection of ingredients is chosen to help support health functions you personally need to focus on*. Every user's recommended supplements are unique and based on your results. When considering how much you need of a particular ingredient, we consider the dosages used in clinical trials, the severity of your suboptimal scores, and your stage of life. You will receive recommendations and supporting insights for:

  • Vitamins

  • Digestive enzymes

  • Polyphenols

  • Amino acids

  • Minerals

  • Herbs

  • Food Extracts

Your Gut Probiotic + Prebiotic Recommendations

We bridge the gap between your gut's needs and the most effective probiotic strains and fibers to achieve optimal results. Your personalized recommendations only feature safe strains that promote gut health and avoid those that could have negative effects.

Taking the right probiotics for your needs can have a tremendous impact on

  • Gastrointestinal issues & bloating*

  • Boosting richness & diversity*

  • Motility & regularity*

  • Gut-brain health*

  • Gut-skin health*

  • Gut-immune health*

  • Analysis: Gut microbiome
  • What’s measured: Gut microbial gene expression
  • Sample collection: Stool

Which way is your

Gut Health

Viome aims to prevent and reverse the harmful effects of unhealthy gut microbial activity, which can ultimately impact your overall well-being.

[GI 3.0] Which way is your - Accordion Item 1 ImageInfluential factors

Processed foods

Eating the wrong “healthy” foods


Smoking and overuse of alcohol


Fad diets and poor nutrition

Use of medications


Sedentary lifestyle

[Gi 3.0] Which way - Accordion Item 2 - ImageWarning signs

Occasional gas and bloating

Occasional diarrhea or constipation

Occasional heartburn

Anxiousness, irritability, or mood swings

Disturbed sleep

Skin rashes

Unexpected changes in weight

Increased sensitivity/Intolerance to multiple allergens/foods

Blood sugar spikes

High cholesterol

Joint pain


A few things you can learn with Gut Intelligence

Why test your gut
microbiome with Viome

Take action based on true personalization

Learn which way your gut health is trending over time

Target the root cause of your gut health concerns


Gut health insights you can’t find anywhere else

You benefit from our latest discoveries

Your gut health products should be tailored to you


Kit internals ALT

Easy testing process

  1. Register your kit
  2. Collect & ship your sample to our CLIA-certified lab
  3. Complete your questionnaire
  4. Receive results within 2-3 weeks

What’s included


Your test allows us to analyze your microbiome and cells with our cutting-edge RNA technology and AI-powered platform.

[Icon] LockYour data is private and secure

Our goal is to demystify health, make science accessible, and honor the biochemical individuality of every human. We know that when you choose Viome hoping to learn more about your health, you entrust us with important information, and we are committed to your privacy. 

To ensure the confidentiality of your data, we separate users’ personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI) and use multiple layers of encryption and access protection. We do not provide your information or results to employers or health insurance companies. Viome will never sell your data.


Health Scores

Health Scores included with Gut Intelligence

[Icon] Gut Health MosaicGut Health

Your comprehensive Gut Health analysis evaluates over 20 key factors to give you a comprehensive overview of your gut health. It covers various functions, including digestion, gut lining strength, and microbial diversity, and forms the basis for your personalized recommendations to help you support your gut's needs.

Health Scores ALT (1)

Line Inflammatory Activity

We assess the activities that can contribute to or reflect an immune response in your gut environment caused by harmful things your microbes produce or that your microbes perceive as threatening.

Line Metabolic Fitness

We measure microbial organisms and functions associated with your blood sugar, insulin resistance, and weight control.

Line Digestive Efficiency

We assess activities of your microbes related to digestion, such as the movement of food, specific macronutrient breakdown ability, and your gut lining health from your first bite of food to the time it leaves your body.

Line Gut Lining Health

We'll assess your gut lining health and the health of the mucosal layer that protects it. When your gut lining is compromised, things from the outside environment, like toxins, medications, and harmful bacteria, can make their way into your bloodstream from your gut and negatively affect your immune system and overall wellbeing.

Line Protein Fermentation

We’ll assess how well your microbes are breaking down protein. If protein is not fully broken down, your microbes will digest the excess protein available and may convert it into harmful byproducts.

Line Gas Production

We’ll assess how much gas your microbes produce. Overall high microbial gas production has been associated with digestive difficulties, discomfort, and gut health.

Line Gut Active Microbial Diversity

Both microbial richness (number of microbes) and evenness (the balance of microbial species) in your gut microbiome play a role in determining the value of Gut Active Microbial Diversity. While greater diversity in the gut microbiome has been associated with health benefits, it is certainly not the only piece of the puzzle. This is why Viome also provides biological pathway scores, in other words, what the microbes are actually doing.

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Personalized Food Recommendations

A personalized, sorted list of foods to

  • Enhance nutrient uptake for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Stimulate beneficial gut microbes to increase vitamin and butyrate production
  • Inhibit the activity of harmful gut bacteria and reduce the risk of toxic byproducts like LPS, TMA, gas, and biofilm
  • Reinforce the gut lining to minimize the risk of "leaky gut" and improve digestive health
  • Address the underlying factors contributing to inflammation within the gut
  • Personalize your dietary approach to optimize blood sugar levels and minimize food-related inflammation

Frame 180 (1)

Personalized recommendations for Probiotics + Prebiotics

Not all probiotics are created equal! By thoroughly understanding your gut's unique needs, we can match you with the most effective probiotic strains and fibers to support your gut health. Additionally, we will make sure your recommendations don't include any probiotics that could potentially contribute to harmful microbial activities

What are probiotics?

Probiotics, meaning "for life," are living microorganisms that can improve digestive health, boost immunity, balance gut microbiota, and support overall health. However, it's important to note that what may be beneficial for one person may not be the same for another. The best way to determine your optimal probiotic needs is by testing your gut microbiome with Viome

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables that serve as food for beneficial gut bacteria and enhance the effects of probiotics. They not only support the gut lining, but also promote a balanced gut ecosystem by favoring commensal microbes. We will use your test results to find the best combination of prebiotic fibers to improve butyrate production, enhance immune function, reduce gas production, and more.

Frame 283

Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics™

Your personalized blend will be prepared once you receive your results

Your daily stick pack containing your Viome-recommended probiotic and prebiotic blend is shipped to you monthly! Our scientists hand-select our probiotic strains based on extensive clinical data from academic and research institutions.

Recommendations for Supplements

Your customized supplement regimen features a carefully curated selection of ingredients that support key aspects of and connected to your gut health, including cellular function, immune health, brain health, and more. In addition to probiotics, you will receive recommendations for vitamins, digestive enzymes, polyphenols, amino acids, minerals, and herbs to enhance gut health and support your unique needs.

Frame 1799
Precision Supplements™

A unique formula engineered for every individual

Our precisely formulated, custom-made supplement capsules contain the recommended ingredients and optimal dosages for your unique needs. Our team of experts rigorously selects only evidence-based, premium-quality ingredients for inclusion in our Precision Supplements™ to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Your personalized formula will be prepared once you receive your results.

[GI 3.0] Your gut microbiome: Chief Architect of your health - ICON

Your gut microbiome: Chief

Architect of your health

The trillions of microbes in your gut play a crucial role in maintaining your health. These microbes help with digestion, absorption of nutrients, weight management, neutralizing toxins, and fighting harmful bacteria.

The food you consume and the environment in which your gut microbes live can greatly impact their behavior and, in turn, your health. A balanced gut microbiome, created through a personalized diet and a low-stress environment, can lead to improved health and well-being. On the other hand, consuming the wrong foods and being in a stressful environment can lead to microbial imbalances and inflammation in the gut, which can have harmful effects on your overall health.

What does Viome test in my gut?

When it comes to microbes, it's not just about which microbes are there, but how they're behaving and the impact it has on your health! Your diet and lifestyle can often be the cause behind poor microbiome health. Our Gut Intelligence Test is unique in that it not only identifies and quantifies all microorganisms, including human, plant, and phage RNA viruses in your gut, but also examines their activity within your gut. Our analysis takes into account 400 pathways to provide deeper insights into ways to optimize gut health through targeted foods, supplements, and biotics.

How is Viome unique?

Most microbiome testing companies, unlike Viome, only analyze microbial DNA, which provides information about the presence of microorganisms in the gut, but not their activity or viability. Viome, on the other hand, uses metatranscriptomics to sequence the RNA of each person's entire microbial community, providing a complete view of the presence of live microorganisms and their activities, such as producing harmful toxins or beneficial nutrients. Viome can help you track your gut health over time and measure the positive or negative changes so that you stay in control.

Gut dysbiosis and the long-term effects on your health

As the largest micro-ecosystem in the human body, your gut microbiome is in a symbiotic relationship with you as its “host". A great deal of research has produced evidence that metabolites produced in your gut microbiome play a key role in maintaining balance and overall health for your entire body. Microbes all over your body communicate with your organs, and we can now decipher these messages to learn more about what your body needs.

How our tests compare with other at-home tests SML

How our tests compare with other at-home tests

DNA Testing

While DNA can provide information about family ancestry, it cannot explain current health symptoms. DNA remains constant throughout a person's life, and as a result, food recommendations based solely on DNA do not change, even if an individual experiences weight changes or health issues. The root cause of health imbalances is often gene expression, or RNA, which can change over time. Viome analyzes both microbial and human cell gene expressions to offer personalized food and supplement recommendations to help bring the body back into balance and improve overall health and well-being.

Microbiome Testing

Most microbiome testing companies, unlike Viome, are focused on microbial DNA and can tell you what organisms are in your gut, but they cannot tell you what these organisms are actually doing inside of your body, or if they are even dead or alive. For example, the same organism can be beneficial in one person and harmful in another, depending on that individual’s unique gut ecosystem.

Viome, on the other hand, uses metatranscriptomics to sequence the RNA of each person's entire microbial community, providing a complete view of the presence of live microorganisms and their activities, such as producing harmful toxins or beneficial nutrients. Unlike other gut tests that only examine microbial DNA using metagenomics, Viome's technology evaluates functional expressed genes to determine the impact of various microbial communities on a person's unique gut ecosystem.

Questionnaire-based Testing

Quiz-based recommendations are limited by basing conclusions on general information such as age, sex, weight, lifestyle, and health goals. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for optimal health and wellness. When it comes to your body’s unique biochemistry, it takes fine-tuning and precise variation. At Viome, we believe the best way to determine the right food and supplements is to listen to your body's specific needs. Inconsistent results in your health goals or harmful effects can occur when consuming the wrong "healthy" foods or supplements. Precise, personalized recommendations are necessary to avoid ineffective and potentially harmful choices.

Food Allergies & Sensitivity Testing

  • Food sensitivity tests are simply measuring antibodies to foods. Foods that show up on your food sensitivity test results may actually be good for you in reality. However, an antibody to that specific food often shows up when you are eating a lot of that food and suffering from a leaky gut. A leaky gut happens when there is damage to the lining of the gut making it more permeable to substances that should not go into your blood, triggering your immune system to make antibodies in response to those substances. Food sensitivity reactions are Immunoglobulins A (IgA), M (IgM), and G (IgG)-mediated immune system responses causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal lining with symptom onset occurring up to 48-72 hours after trigger exposure. 

  • Allergic reactions are immediate immune system responses mediated by Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and can be life-threatening. Viome does not test for IgE which often results in anaphylactic reactions. Food allergies should be overseen and managed by an experienced physician.

Our science & technology

Our goal is to demystify health, make science accessible and honor the biochemical individuality of every human. We take a holistic science-forward, data-driven approach to health and nutrition.

Our science & technology SML

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