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Testing Results

We offer up to 50+ Health Score biomarkers included with our Full Body Intelligence Test.

These scores are based on an analysis of all of the gene expressions in your body, which can reveal the precise nutrition you need to address inflammation and microbial imbalance. Addressing your health functions holistically can help improve many common symptoms, boost resilience, and increase longevity.

Learn about the 8 key health areas we focus on:

[Icon] Biological AgeBiological Age

We assess the activities of your gut microbiome, your cells, and your oral microbiome to determine how well you are aging at a cellular level compared with other people your age.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to help you optimize specific biological functions responsible for how you’re aging internally.

[Icon] Gut HealthGut Health

Your gut microbiome is home to trillions of microbes that have a direct influence on everything from your mood to how you digest foods and even how your immune system responds to infections or allergens.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to optimize your digestion, strengthen gut lining, and boost richness & microbiome diversity. 

Includes insights relating to:

  • Nutrient absorption 

  • Beneficial & harmful microbial activities

  • Intestinal barrier health 

  • Signatures of inflammation in the gut

[Icon] Oral HealthOral Health

Oral health impacts systems beyond the mouth and is intricately connected to your cardiovascular, immune, bone, and brain health.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to rebalance your oral microbiome and lower the risk of cavities, bad breath, and leaky gums.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Activities of microbes in the mouth that contribute to gum inflammation 

  • Activities of microbial pathways that cause bad breath

  • Microbial activities that lead to cavities and tooth decay

[Icon] Cellular & Energy EfficiencyCellular & Energy Efficiency

When cells lack the nutrition they need, they can't keep up with the metabolic demands of the body, which leads to a loss of function and is the earliest measurable indicator of aging and health decline.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to kickstart your cellular repair and cellular support processes.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Aging of your cells

  • Cellular stress

  • Cellular inflammation

  • Mitochondrial health

[Icon] Inflammation ResponseInflammation Response

Prolonged inflammation due to factors such as poor diet, increased stress, and environmental toxins promote health decline. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to support your body’s response to stress and immune tolerance.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Overall balance of your body’s pro & anti-inflammatory activity 

  • Immune system’s ability to address inflammation

  • Cellular functions under stress 

  • Microbial stress

[Icon] Brain & Cognitive HealthBrain & Cognitive Health

The gut microbiome aids in the development of our brain and nervous system as well as the management of neurological functions. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to boost brain health and functions that support your cognitive and mood health. 

Includes insights relating to:

  • Serotonin production-assisting pathways 

  • Microbial activities which contribute to the production of GABA

  • Activities that might negatively impact focus

  • Activities that impact your body’s pH balance

[Icon] Immune System HealthImmune System Health

A healthy immune system is essential for fighting off outside invaders like viruses, bacteria, and fungi, neutralizing environmental toxins, and preventing changes within cells that lead to a decline in biological functions. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to help support your body’s alarm system and repair mechanism.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Overall immunity

  • Body’s preparedness to fight off bad viruses & bacteria

  • Body’s ability to clear toxins

  • Manage oxidative stress

[Icon] Heart & Cardiometabolic HealthHeart & Cardiometabolic Health

While many people simply think of managing their cholesterol to improve their cardiovascular health, in reality, many factors are at play, including oxidative stress, endothelial function, kidney function, and vitamin and mineral status.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to optimize functions related to your heart health.

 Includes insights relating to:

  • Indicators of high oxidative stress 

  • Activities that promote inflammation

  • Vascular health

  • Cholesterol metabolism

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Personalized Food Recommendations

We provide customized food recommendations, which are sorted into four categories. Each food is accompanied by helpful information on why we recommend it, or why we don't.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about our recommendations and health solutions.

Personalized Health Products Made For You

Uniquely engineered for you based on what your scores reveal you need most.

Viome - Personalized Health Products Made For You

Your Unique Biology Demands a Unique Approach

From the time of our birth to who we are today, there are many internal and external factors that contribute to a unique ecosystem within us. Our location, environmental toxins, diet, daily habits, pets and partners, and even stress all contribute to the evolution of our bodies and our health needs.

RNA-based Viome Intelligence™ Testing

Viome’s gene expression testing reveals underlying signals of inflammation and microbial imbalance, helping us map your data to precise solutions and the nutrients you need to boost or suppress specific activity in your body. Analyzing gene expression allows for us to make accurate and relevant recommendations and products that are focused on how to improve you health right now.

Food Is Not Enough

Our Personalized Solutions offer a collection of tailor-made health products. These products are precisely designed to provide your body with the necessary nutrients in the dosage your body requires, maximizing their effectiveness and benefits. Our approach represents the future of nutrition, where personalized nutrition is proactive and preventative, helping you live healthier, longer.

Health Solution Bundles

Personalized health has never been so easy. Learn more about our most popular health tests and personalized products that can help you take targeted action.

Most Comprehensive

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Our most comprehensive nutrition health plan for full body resilience & longevity.

Full Body Health for ultimate longevity

Our most advanced health plan for ultimate resilience & longevity.

This plan includes our most advanced health test paired with your monthly, custom-made supplement capsules and personalized gut biotic blend.

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Nourish your gut microbiome with personalized probiotics + prebiotics & supplements for a healthier gut.

Gut Health for improved digestive health

Nourish your gut health with supplements & biotics uniquely formulated to meet your gut's needs.

This plan includes our essential test for gut health along with your gut biotic formula, a personalized, daily powder blend of your Viome-recommended prebiotics and probiotics.

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