Health Intelligence™ Test

Gut Microbiome + Human Cells

Our Health Intelligence™ Test goes beyond Gut Intelligence™ to analyze how the health of your gut microbiome and digestive health are helping or impairing other beneficial functions in your body that keep you healthy including your immune system, your cellular health, and how your body is aging internally.

5 high-level Integrative Health scores (supported by over 30+ subscores) will determine your food and supplement recommendations for the next 4-6 months.

Sample collection: Stool + Blood
Ages 4+


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Discover how your gut microbiome is impacting your cellular health, immune health, and how you're aging from the inside out.

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Health Intelligence

Knowing what’s happening inside of your gut microbiome and getting the right nutrition to optimize its functions is powerful... but imagine being able to see how your unique gut microbiome is impacting other areas of your health that have a tremendous effect on how you feel!

What to expect

01 Test at home

Everything you need to collect your samples at home and ship them back to us is included in your kit.

Collection method: [Common] Blood Drip / Finger Blood + [Common] Test Stool Cup Stool

02 Receive your health insights

Within 2-3 weeks, your health scores and recommendations will be available on your app.

03 Food & supplement recommendations

Your personalized foods and supplement recommendations are selected and sorted by our AI engine to reflect what you need most based on your results.

04 Order your custom-made supplements

You'll have the option to order your monthly unique formula for supplements and personalized probiotics once you receive your results.

Phone - Scores

Pay attention to the signals your gut microbiome sends you

Eating the wrong foods for your body can result in reactions we interpret as “symptoms”. Because no two people respond to all food the same way, these symptoms are different in everyone. Understanding what’s going on with your body is key to discovering what’s healthy for your body!

[Icon] Bloating & digestive issues
Occasional Bloating &
digestive issues

[Icon] Irritability or anxious feelings
Irritability or
anxious feelings

[Icon] Difficulty losing weight
Difficulty losing

[Icon] Trouble falling or staying asleep
Trouble falling or
staying asleep

[Icon] Brain fog & fatigue
Brain fog
& fatigue

[Icon] Skin irritation & rashes
Skin irritations

Your DNA is not your destiny

Your DNA is not your destiny

While DNA testing can tell you what might happen, your RNA, or gene expression, can tell you what is happening right now and what you need to do to improve it. Your gene expression has a powerful effect on how well your body functions. Utilizing the latest mRNA sequencing technology, Viome assesses your body’s systems to see how they are working together and how they impact each other, which is key to understanding more about your health and the way you feel.

With our Health Intelligence™, we assesses your body's systems and their functions as a whole, analyzing the gene expression of your microbes, your mitochondria, and your human cells in order to get to the root of your health issues.

  • How your current diet and lifestyle are impacting your health

  • Why you are experiencing the symptoms you are experiencing

  • What you can do about it through a more precise diet and supplement routine


A deeper look within

Explore your body on a deeper level as we uncover insights with molecular precision about your health. The 6 Integrative Functional Health scores below (made up of over 400 pathway scores) will drive your food and supplement recommendations for the next 4-6 months.

Icon -  Gut Microbiome Health

Gut Microbiome Health

Your gut microbiome is linked to your weight, energy, stress, sleep, and immunity among many health areas. This high level score combines more than 20 subscores and pathways that reveal insights related to inflammation, richness & diversity, gas production, digestive processes, and more. If your scores are not optimal, we'll recommend the nutrients you need to support your gut health including specific prebiotics, probiotics, supplements, and foods you need.

Icon - Cellular Health

Cellular Health

This score assesses the overall state and functional health of your human cells and indicates how well your body is able to generate energy to perform essential functions, manage stress, and to repair and care for itself. If this score isn’t optimal, you may have issues in cellular health that need improvement. Your individual recommendations help to promote a cellular “tune-up” of the pathway activities for immune and antioxidant support, energy production, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory functions.

Icon - Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Health

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, supplying energy for basic cellular functions. The health of your mitochondria is also associated with aging, metabolism, cardiovascular, and brain health. To address issues in Mitochondrial Health, very specific supplements may be required to reduce oxidative stress or increase the supply of mitochondrial enzymes necessary for normal energy production.

Icon - Immune System Health

Immune System Health

Your immune system is your body’s impressive defense response that fights against infection and promotes the natural healing properties of your body. Supporting a healthy immune system can include disrupting inflammatory cycles or relieving strain or stress on your immune cells. Immune system activity can look very different from one person to another. The close relationship between cellular stress, inflammation, the gut microbiome, and our blood can lead to very different recommendations for each individual.

Icon - Stress Response Health

Stress Response Health

This score combines insights from both your blood and your gut microbiome’s induced stress factors. These are chemical signals that are activated in response to various triggers of cellular stress. They may come from your lifestyle, environment, and physiological response to emotions. Additionally, some signals originate from inflammation or toxins produced by your gut microbiome. Changes in lifestyle, food, and supplement intake can address your unique patterns of stress and support the restoration of your cellular balance and resilience.

Icon - Biological Age

Biological Age

How old you think you are may be different from how old your body says you are. Our AI has analyzed data from over 200,000 people to be able to match the molecular patterns from your data to people of different ages and give you your Biological Age!


Your Food & Supplement Recommendations

Over 400 foods sorted into your personal list of Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid foods

You'll receive over 400 foods sorted into your personal list of Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid foods.

Food that may be healthy for one person can have a very different effect on another, even in the case of twins who share the same DNA. Based on your test results and the analysis of your body's gene expression, we can determine what superfoods will help you the most right now and what foods could be contributing to poor health or symptoms you may be experiencing.

Supplement and probiotic recommendations selected from over 200 ingredients in your precise dosage needs.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all supplement recommendations, short quizzes, or Google when it comes to determining what you really need. Based on your gut microbiome, some commonly believed universal ‘beneficial’ supplements could actually interfere with how your body operates.We assess what your body needs at a molecular level to ensure maximum impact and precision so you get enough of what you need, and nothing extra.

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Your health, decoded.

Health Intelligence™ Test
  • Collect at home

  • Results within 2-3 weeks

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Science is collaborative

Join us on our mission to
make illness optional.

Viome’s mission is to eradicate the epidemic of chronic diseases with prevention, diagnostics, and therapeutics. To date, Viome has enabled over 300,000 individuals to benefit from revolutionary insights while contributing to a platform that enables new scientific discoveries and scientific collaboration, ultimately reshaping how the world imagines preventative healthcare.

In 2021, Viome’s Oral and Throat Cancer detection test built on Viome’s metatranscriptomics and AI platform was designated Breakthrough Device for accelerated Review by FDA.

When you join Viome, you’ll have the option to take part in our mission to make illness optional by participating in clinical studies to predict and prevent chronic diseases through a deeper understanding of an individual’s biology at a molecular level.

Our Science

Metatranscriptomic Sequencing Image

Metatranscriptomic Sequencing

With proprietary mRNA sequencing technology, we have the most advanced tools to study the gut microbiome, oral microbiome, blood transcriptome and broader human - microbe interactions throughout the body in much greater detail. The results are reshaping modern medicine!

Artificial Intelligence Image

Artificial Intelligence

Viome’s AI platform engine is then able to connect the activity and patterns of an individual’s biology with the right nutrients that his or her body needs to encourage a balanced microbiome, and optimize how the body functions as an entire system as a way to promote total body health and wellness.

More on Viome’s Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the mitochondria?

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Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, supplying energy to carry out basic cellular functions such as care and repair of your cells in the body.

What is mitochondrial health?

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Because mitochondria supply energy to your cells to carry out basic functions, when they are not in peak condition (due to age, stress, nutritional deficiencies), this can affect the natural aging of your body, your metabolism, cardiovascular and brain health.

Learn more about your Mitochondrial Health score in our Health Intelligence results guide.

What is cellular health?

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The human body is composed of trillions of cells that provide structure for the body, converting nutrients into energy and carrying out specialized functions. Cellular Health score offers a complete picture of what is happening in the human body on the cellular level and takes into account the aging of your cells, cellular stress, cellular inflammation, along with the health of your mitochondria. Overall cellular health includes the ability of your cells produce energy to function optimally and rejuvenate, and repair themselves. 

Learn more about your Cellular Health score in our Health Intelligence results guide.

What is cellular stress?

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When your cells are under stress due to inflammation, over or underactive immune response, and environmental stressors (temperature, toxins and physical damage), they respond through molecular changes that can begin to slow down your cell’s ability to repair and rejuvenate themselves, and function optimally.

What is cellular aging?

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Cellular aging (also known as cellular senescence) is the progressive decline in your cells' vital functions which includes inability to handle stress, restore homeostasis, and get rid of cell debris in an efficient manner . As cells age, they become dysfunctional, excreting more and more of their harmful byproducts in the  body and the bloodstream, causing further cellular inflammation, damage, and stress throughout the body., This happens over time as cellular and oxidative stress increase and cells lose their natural ability to reproduce and fight off diseases.

What is cellular senescence?

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See “What is cellular aging?” above. Cellular senescence is the biological term for cellular aging. 

What is oxidative stress?

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Your cells experience oxidative stress when a build-up of ROS (reactive oxygen species—a number of reactive molecules and free radicals derived from molecular oxygen) are prevalent enough to damage cellular organelles (such as mitochondria) and normal cellular processes and functions.

What are the causes of oxidative stress?

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Risk factors for oxidative stress include obesity, alcohol and tobacco consumption, diets high in fat, sugar and processed foods, lifestyle, environmental toxins including pollution and radiation.

Under normal circumstances, oxidative stress is a natural response that causes mild inflammation until the infection or injury is healed. But an overabundance of oxidative stress can accelerate aging and is linked to a number of conditions like chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

How do you treat oxidative stress?

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The most promising paths to prevent the risks for oxidative stress damage include eating a balanced, healthy, whole food diet including foods and nutrients that have the most benefit for your unique biology, limiting processed foods, reducing stress, regular exercise, and reducing exposure to environmental toxins (including quitting smoking).

What is biological age?

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Your biological age can be predicted by assessing the efficiency of your cellular activities and your gut microbial activities. This helps determine how well your body is aging in comparison with your age according to the calendar. 

Viome’s Biological Age score comes from our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence model, which AI has analyzed data from more than 200,000 people to be able to match the molecular patterns from your data to people of different ages, which we use to predict your approximate biological age. We offer our Biological Age score as one of 30 scores available with the Health Intelligence Test (this score is not available for minors). 

Learn more about your Biological Age score in our Health Intelligence results guide.

How do you test your immune system health?

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Inflammation is an essential immune response for your body. But relatively high levels of inflammation on a consistent basis can overburden your cellular, mitochondrial and immune systems.

The Immune System Response Score is one of the 30 health scores available with our Health Intelligence Test. We measure inflammatory activity throughout your body as well as inside of your gut. Your immune system may be triggered to increase inflammation by viruses, stress, or diet and medications. It can also come from the microbiome, especially if your gut lining health is compromised. Analysis of a blood sample reveals to us cellular pathways related to acute or low-grade inflammation, while a stool sample analysis can reveal microbial or GI factors.  

Learn more about your Immune System Health score in our Health Intelligence results guide.

What is stress response?

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Your energy levels and stress response are good indicators for how your body meets energy demands to perform essential functions, manage inflammation and stress, and to detox and repair and care for itself. 

Our Stress Response Health score combines insights from your microbiome-induced stress factors as well as your cellular functions that get activated in response to various triggers of cellular stress. Several factors such as environmental toxins, free radicals, or lifestyle related stress, microbial toxins could trigger stress within your body. These insights are provided in the Stress Response Score, one of 30 health scores available with Health Intelligence.

Learn more about your Stress Response score in our Health Intelligence results guide.

How can I see my test results?

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We’ll notify you by email when your results are ready in approximately 3-4 weeks after your samples are accepted at the lab (processing times may vary). Download the Viome app, available for iOS and Android platforms to view. Your results are also available for online access at