Our goal is to demystify health, make science accessible, and honor the biochemical individuality of every human.

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Our Formula for Precision

Biological Intelligence


Human Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence


Precision Health


Biological Intelligence

By nature, the human body holds an intrinsic tendency to self-organize and evolve into an ever more complex and intricately interwoven form. By making sense of what is happening within every unique individual's body, we can begin to understand why we get sick and what it takes for each person to be healthy.


Human Intelligence

Every day, new scientific discoveries made by scientists from all over the world give us a better understanding of how the ecosystem outside of us, and the one within us, impact our health. Our team of world-class founders, scientists, nutritionists, doctors, and entrepreneurs have come together and are working collaboratively on a single mission: to help you live a long and healthier life.


Artificial Intelligence

Your body communicates an incredible amount of information. Artificial Intelligence is our tool for finding the signal in the noise when it comes to understanding what one individual needs vs another. We harness the power of our AI engine, whom we call "Vi" to digitize, decode, and decipher your body and navigate you back to balance.

"The technologies of the future will simply reveal the true intelligence of nature itself."

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Naveen Jain

Founder & CEO

Our unique approach to human health


1. We analyze your body using a systems biology approach


2. We can see not only which microbes are present, but how they're behaving


3. We study the unique way in which your microbes are interacting with you as a human "host"


4. We focus on gene expression, not genes

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Our ViOS Platform never stops learningOur ViOS Platform

Vi, our AI engine is continuously learning. With every Viome test, you'll receive better insights and more precise recommendations. Our discoveries and learnings also enable new innovative products and testing capabilities.

What new learnings go into Viome's platform algorithm updates?

  • New scientific knowledge such as genomes of recently curated microorganisms, and the outcomes of the latest scientific studies
  • New and improved  reference cohorts of individuals which provide the baseline for understanding the general population, including “reference ranges” for scores
  • New and improved ML algorithms, trained using the latest reference cohorts, and improved AI inference rules  which incorporate the latest scientific knowledge

These updates help to continuously improve the underpinnings of the ViOS platform.

Metatranscriptomic Sequencing Technology

Artificial Intelligence

You benefit from our studies

Evidence-based precision nutrition improves clinical outcomes
by analyzing human and microbial molecular data with artificial intelligence.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Reduced disease severity by over 38%

Measured by a clinically validated IBS symptom severity score called IBS-SSS
Affects 10-15% of the world and is the most common gastrointestinal (GI) disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

A mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)

A chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose).

Clinical Studies

Our comprehensive clinical research program has already enrolled more than 16,000 study participants in more than 20 chronic disease areas.

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Areas of Focus


Oral Cancer


Autoimmune disease




Colorectal cancer, colon polyps, IBS, and IBD


MCI / Alzheimer’s


Metabolic disorders


Gut microbiome activity predicts risk of type 2 diabetes and metformin control in a large human cohort

Gut Microbiome Activity Contributes to Prediction of Individual Variation in Glycemic Response in Adults

An accurate aging clock developed from the largest dataset of microbial and human gene expression reveals molecular mechanisms of aging


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Mission Possible

Imagine a world where illness is optional

We founded Viome Life Sciences with one goal in mind: to tackle the epidemic of chronic diseases, cancer, and aging and empower people with the information they need to live a disease-free life.


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

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Jiddu Krishnamurti