The Only Health Trend You Need to Watch in 2024 (and 8 Others You Should Try)

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As we embark on 2024, it's tempting to be swayed by the constant influx of new fad diets, fitness crazes, and wellness trends. Social media is flooded with influencers advocating for the latest miracle products and techniques, promising quick fixes and instant transformations.

However, it's crucial to remember that not every trend is worth your time or attention. Instead, let's refocus our energy on the one health trend that matters most in 2024 – the direction of your own well-being. Your "new year, new you" program will only work if it is personalized to your specific needs, ensuring consistency and long-term success.

Focus on what matters  - and what works.

In the midst of a constantly evolving wellness landscape, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters. The most significant health trend for 2024 is not a particular diet, workout regimen, or supplement; it's the direction your personal health is trending. 

Your well-being is a lifelong journey, and adopting a holistic approach that aligns with your individual needs and goals is crucial. Taking charge of your health means prioritizing sustainable changes that can be maintained over time. Instead of jumping from one extreme diet to another or constantly switching workout routines, focus on consistent, strategic, and sustainable habits that support your well-being. Whether improving your diet, increasing physical activity, managing stress, or getting enough sleep, the key is establishing positive and lasting changes.

Your success will hinge entirely on making sustainable and meaningful choices ‌that are tailored to your personal needs, health, and life goals. Focusing on long-term well-being is key rather than being swayed by every new trend you see on Instagram, TikTok, or in a digital magazine.


Focus on what matters most - which way your personal health is trending: are you getting healthier, or do your daily habits and choices compromise your vitality? Your body sends signals before symptoms. Make it a practice to ask yourself consistently. What is my body trying to tell me? Which way is my health trending?  Am I getting healthier or not?  Will this choice that I am about to make support where I want to go and who I want to become, or will it compromise my health?

Let's explore why monitoring the trajectory of your personal health is paramount, along with science-based health and wellness trends you might consider trying in the year ahead.

Your microbiome matters

The health of your microbiome, the trillions of microorganisms living in and on your body, is crucial for your overall well-being. These microbes play vital roles in digestion, immunity, metabolism, and even mood regulation.

The microbiome - the collection of microbes living in and on our bodies - is one of the hottest topics in health. Research continues to uncover our microbiome is important for immune function, digestion, vitamin synthesis, and more. When our microbiome is thrown out of balance or dysbiosis, it can impact weight, mood, gut issues, and disease risk.

One major 2024 trend will be a focus on supporting microbiome health through probiotics, prebiotics from whole food sources, and personalized or customized supplements and biotics.  Also, do everything you can to limit the consumption of junk food and alcohol and proactively find ways to manage stress. From personalized testing to an explosion of fermented foods and supplements, microbiome-friendly skincare, and other innovative products, you can expect to see more ways emerging to nurture our inner microbial ecosystems. The future of health will be microbiome-conscious.

Your health is personal

We are on the cusp of a monumental shift in the way people everywhere think about health, nutrition, and wellness. Soon, with advances in science and technology, every person will have the means and capacity to precisely understand and cater to their distinctive nutritional requirements. 

“As Naveen Jain, founder and CEO of Viome, says: “We're entering a groundbreaking era of precision health, an era where every individual has the power to manage their unique nutritional needs effectively, “ The future of health is personalized precision care. The next era of wellness is about precision and deep individualization, not one-size-fits-all. Each person can access their own nutritional roadmap for optimizing health based on their specific needs.

Instead of focusing on the latest diet program or fad, take your understanding of nutrition to the next level. Learn everything you can about what your personal biology needs to be healthy, right now and understand that your needs will change dynamically over time. Focus on gene expression, which can be altered by your diet and monitored over time. This philosophy and understanding will provide you with the most relevant insights and meaningful recommendations at any point in your health journey.

This alone can transform your health and the experience of your life on every level.

The bottom line is that the future of your health and well-being will be driven by highly personalized strategies and the habits you integrate into your daily life to meet your body's unique needs. As you move into the new year, shift your focus and your daily habits to embrace food and lifestyle ‌as medicine and seek individualized nutrition guidance targeting your specific health and longevity needs.

Now, let's explore the top 8 health and wellness trends to try in 2024, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for personal well-being.

2024 Health and Wellness Trends 

Eager to know more about ways to support your health this year?  There are so many new trends to explore and experience in the new year wellness sphere in 2024. We were equally curious, so we consulted with experts, gathered trend reports, and scoured the market to pinpoint eight science-forward wellness trends that we are excited to experience. Enjoy!!

Oral Health

Good oral hygiene is fundamental for overall health and well-being. Expect growing awareness around preventive oral care in 2024. More people will view practices like regular brushing and flossing, dental cleanings, and early cavity treatment as vital for reducing not only dental issue risk but also as a proactive pathway for systemic wellness, health, and longevity. Oral probiotics and anti-microbial mouthwashes will gain popularity for boosting oral microbiome balance.

Sound and Frequency Therapy

The use of sound frequencies and vibrations to heal the body is an ancient wellness technique that’s reemerging. More people are exploring sound baths and tuning forks to harness the power of sound to reduce stress, ease pain, and restore harmonic frequencies within the body. Expect sound therapy to become more mainstream.

AI Everywhere

Artificial intelligence is already progressing in applications like medical imaging, robotic surgery, drug discovery, ‌virtual nursing, and of course, generative health and wellness content. Expect innovative new AI capabilities, like health coaching, AI-powered recipe planning and fitness programming, and even practitioners exploring new approaches to diagnosis and treatment planning, personalized care coordination, and precision early disease detection.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The vagus nerve is key for controlling inflammation and stress within the body and is a critical player in the gut-brain axis. Vagus nerve regulation and stimulation techniques using electrical impulses or massage are gaining interest. Expect non-invasive devices and mind-body practices that stimulate the vagus nerve to further emerge as adjunct therapies for a wide range of conditions like stress, digestion, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, and more.

Sleep and Rest

Quality sleep and restorative rest are foundational pillars of full-body health that remain widely overlooked. In 2024, we’ll see a continued and necessary shift towards prioritizing recharging sleep health and mindfulness around rest. From tracking sleep metrics to screen time curfews to workplaces encouraging nap breaks, the societal sleep deficit may start to narrow. Expect personalized supplement solutions, including magnesium and lush bedding upgrades to support the new REST-oration culture.

Light Therapy

Light can profoundly influence our health. Photobiomodulation uses light beams or LEDs to stimulate cellular function and energize the body. In 2024, we’ll see more light therapy applications, like red light for wound healing and skin rejuvenation, blue light for antibacterial benefits, and expanded use of near-infrared light for pain relief and tissue repair.

Mind-Body Wellness

Mindfulness practices and psychoneuroimmunology techniques build mental resilience and benefit physical health by managing stress and anxiety, states of consciousness and the strategic management of emotional states, uplifting mood, empowering each individual’s personal capacity to address root causes of imbalance in the body, and tap into the mind’s power to help heal. Expect exponential growth in medical adoption of yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc.

Intermittent Fasting

The strategic use of intermittent fasting has gained traction as an effective approach to weight management and improved metabolic health and is now also lauded for its support for cellular health. It turns out that cycling between periods of eating and fasting helps regulate blood sugar levels, promote fat loss, and support overall well-being.

More trends to consider!

Wearable Tech

Internet-connected watches, patches, rings, earbuds, and more continuously monitor diverse health biomarkers and metrics. They will expand to provide both clinical grade data for providers and valuable personalized insights for users for early detection, prevention awareness, digital therapeutics adherence, care plan refinements, and health optimization.

Plant-Based Eating

A plant-based diet continues to gain popularity for its numerous health benefits and positive environmental impact. In 2024, consider incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your overall health. Plant-based diets are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and essential nutrients, making them a sustainable and nutritious choice.

Systems Biology

Systems Biology uses computer models and big data analysis to study complex interactions between components of biological systems. In 2024, we’ll see more applications of systems biology approaches in healthcare. For example, mapping molecular networks could enable a better understanding of pathogenesis for more effective therapies.

Virtual Care

Telehealth and streaming services enabling on-demand remote health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness care delivery will continue to rise steeply. In 2024, video visits, at-home health monitoring, daily care management, and online expert access will expand to provide more convenience, accessibility, and cost savings.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness focuses on exercises that mimic real-life movements, improving strength, mobility, and agility. This trend is not new but continues to present new benefits, including helping motility, boosting blood flow to the brain, and improving neuroplasticity. It aligns with a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the importance of physical function, mental well-being, and overall quality of life.

Precision Solutions 

Nutrition, wellness, and medicine are becoming highly personalized and extremely precise, integrating advanced data analytics and genome sequencing technology to pinpoint targeted therapies, medications, and treatment plans unique to individuals' genetic and molecular profiles. This will eventually allow for more effective, efficient, and personalized care, thus giving the individual more insights and agency over their health

Cold Therapy

Harnessing the power of cold for health gains traction in 2024, as whole-body cryotherapy chambers, cold plunges, and cryofacial treatments surge in popularity for combating inflammation and spurring cell renewal. Expect cold therapy to go even more mainstream - from athletes leveraging its recovery perks to wellness devotees and everyday individuals adopting chilled beauty rituals and bracing showers for proposed mood and anti-aging benefits. But it may not be for everyone; caution remains warranted for anyone with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, neuropathy, or Raynaud's.


This exciting field synergizes genetics, nutrition science, and big data to create fully customized dietary and supplement plans catered to individuals' unique genetic variants and how their genes uniquely interact with food nutrients. It aims to democratize precision nutrition optimization for lifelong wellness.

Functional Medicine

This holistic yet evidence-based approach focuses on comprehensively assessing and addressing underlying multidimensional causes and imbalances to treat illness through integrated lifestyle medicine – customized nutrition, microbiome support, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and selecting conventional treatments. It continues to gain strong popularity.

Always On Community

Brands, movement leaders, healthcare leaders, and providers are leveraging platforms like Facebook and TikTok to bring people together as a connected purpose-driven community and disseminate public health messaging better, engage patients, offer peer support communities, and provide ongoing education on managing chronic conditions.

Preventive Care

From nutrition to oral care to supplementation, preventative care is pivotal for wellness and cost savings. Look for more proactive multifactorial lifestyle and precision medicine approaches focused on disease prevention and combating root causes for optimal longevity.

The health and wellness landscape will continue to evolve in 2024 and beyond. But the opportunity remains the same - discovering a way for you and people like you to live a longer, healthier life.

While it's important to be aware of health trends, remember that the most important trend is the one that suits your personal needs and lifestyle. The best approach to health and wellness is one that is sustainable and enjoyable for you.

So, explore these trends, but always keep your personal health trajectory in mind. After all, your ultimate goal should be to improve your health and well-being in a way that works best for you.


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