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Nutrition 2.0: Analyzing your biochemical individuality with mathematical precision to serve up your ideal diet

Going beyond today’s Nutrition 1.0, we describe a new nutritional framework that uses chemistry and math to deliver the optimal nutrition for you individually

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The human microbiome: What our microbes are doing is far more important than their names

Are the microbiomes of humans from different parts of the world very different?

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The journey of your sample: how your biological data turns into your custom nutrition

How Viome turns your biological samples into digital information, analyzes it to understand your biological pathways, and transforms it into precise molecular ingredients

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Early cancer detection saves lives! A salivary RNA test for oral and throat cancer

A simple saliva test detects biomarkers for oral and throat cancer with unmatched accuracy, and a comprehensive overview of oral health.

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To Digitize and Decipher: An introduction to Viome’s Research Blog

Welcome to Viome’s Research Blog to uncover the mysteries behind chronic disease

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Health insights: how to listen to the biochemical pathways in your microbiome

To understand your microbiome, learn how we can quantify biochemical pathways by looking at the coordinated activities of various microbial functions



From Microbe to Man: Viome's Clinical Research Initiatives


Artificial Intelligence

Have You Met Vie, Viome’s Artificial Intelligence System?



Meet Guru - Viome’s Chief Technology Officer